The Personalized Cat Necklace

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Get your Pet(s) names on this fun and customized necklace. We hope that these necklaces can bring a smile to your face to remind you of your current fur babies, or ones who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

This necklace is available in Gold Filled (pictured), Rose Gold Filled and Sterling Silver.

The disc is 12mm with an 6mm Sterling Silver Kitten Charm. The kitten charm is always Sterling Silver, for example, if you get a Rose Gold Necklace it will be mixed metals with the Sterling Silver kitten, a Sterling Silver Necklace will have a Sterling Silver Kitten and a Gold Necklace will have a Sterling Silver Kitten.

If you have more names for the necklace the disc will be a little larger to fit the names.

What will you get on your necklace?

The necklace in the second photo is being worn at 18" long.