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We are honored to offer this custom necklace in honor of #teamfrida and the amazing rescue work that is being done all over the world in her name.


This necklace is made in sterling silver with a gold and rose plated option as well. The rose and gold are plated over the sterling silver for the pendant. The cable chains are sterling silver, rose gold filled and 14k gold filled at 18" long. The pendant measures 18mm. Please see the second photo for size reference when being worn.


*100% of the profit from this necklace is going to #teamfrida for continued animal rescue (medical care, rescue and transportation etc). For those of you unfamiliar with #teamfrida, please read the excerpt below from their website!*


What is #teamfrida?

To get here we must start at the beginning. Frida was a rescue cat who was thought to have been hit by a car. She was living at a retirement center as a “friendly feral” cat. She went missing for 10 days and when she returned the left side of her face was swollen, infected and she walked in circles. She was scooped up and taken to the vet. She went to surgery to have teeth removed as they were crumbling- adding to the thought she had been hit. Her prognosis wasn’t good- but she kept on fighting and eating- purring all along.


After 2 weeks in their care- Pamela stepped up to adopt her- only seeing her pictures. Over the course of the first week she had breathing problems- an abscess was growing that was taken care of. She was eating and healing. 5 days later it grew again. This time the vet said there wasn’t an X-ray done before she was adopted and suggested we take an X-ray and know what we are dealing with. When they got the call that it was cancer and it started locking her jaw and decimated the left side of her face- there was only one decision. She was really sick. She passed away January 2, 2018. And in that time numerous animals have been rescued in her name. #teamfrida was created and shared around the world.


Learn more about her story here #teamfrida website